MEYTAL PACK, leading in packaging technology & design.

 - As packaging designers, we have been serving the Israeli industry for over 20 years.

 - Our customers include major players in the food and consumer-products industry such as toys, as well as home appliances, local manufacturers, and a variety of innovative startups.

 - We are deeply involved in the industry's export market, mainly to large retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, Tesco etc., offering our services for retail packaging.

 - Being one of the leading packaging design studios in Israel, we have gained an extensive knowledge regarding production methods, raw materials, and packing solutions.

 - Yaron Mey Tal, CEO, is a leading lecturer at symposiums and Universities.

 - We have been awarded a variety of prizes for both decorative and constructive solutions for the product development departments for which we have operated. Our designs were awarded by the World Packaging Organisation.

 - Other complementary fields in which we provide consulting:

   > Shipping optimization

   > Packaging standardization

   > Product files & specifications

   > Cost-saving projects


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Yaron Mey-Tal,
Founder & CEO of MEYTAL-PACK